Evualà | M² Solutions
Evualà | M² Solutions

Evualà | M² Solutions

Manufacturers from Carretera Esquileo S/N, N/A, Spain
Space saving solutions and functionality. Why to have an object to cover just one necesity if you are able to cover all of them at the same time? Why not making the most of space by using a multipurpose solution? That is what the m2 Concept solves!

While a product is not being used, a vital space is occupied; we could take advantage of this surface because each m² is important, specially when space availability is minimum. Sometimes, a table can be an obstacle when is not in use. The solution? Make it disappear! Our tables Oslo and London and our shelf Lisboa gives you this chance. The modular design is also a key factor in m² Concept. If something can be stacked, disassembled, joined... Is m². An example? Our Berlín module!

Functionality and aesthetic are going together. A revolutionary product will be useless if its aesthetic is not optimal, and at the same time, a beautiful product must have a defined function and a necesity to cover. That is why Design is a basic part of m² Concept, matching the graphical and the industrial phases.

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