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Born in Trento in 2010, thanks to the visionary intuition of Ignazio Pomini and Fabio Ciciani, .exnovo is a brand of HSL, the first company in Italy and among the first in Europe in using Additive Manufacturing technologies. Backed by experience accumulated by the company in more than 25 years in the prototyping industry, they decided to accept a new challenge, bringing their know-how in the design of lighting and furnishing items.

.exnovo now creates, designs and produces small, limited production runs of exclusive designed lamps and furnishing accessories, in collaboration with young and talented designers and Italian artists and artisans, who hold high the value of Made in Italy.


A distinguishing feature of the brand is the use of leading edge technologies to enhance a craftsman’s skills and knowledge. Professional 3D printing technology is put at the disposal of the craftsman, to bring to life creations embodying the concept of unrestricted creativity, that would be impossible to make using traditional production processes, but that uphold the criteria of formal beauty of Italian culture.

The challenge for .exnovo has been pushing the limits, combining the extraordinary technology of professional 3D printing, with its unlimited potential, with the craftsmanship and knowhow that have always been a part of the inalienable heritage of our country.

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