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Interior Architects from 16 HIGH HOLBORN, London, United Kingdom
'Extravagauza was born from our absolute passion for interiors. Our mission is to create something uniquely beautiful; a minimalism with a pinch of extravagance. I call it 'Attractive Minimalism' - Mike Gauza

Extravagauza is a playful combination of the word 'extravagant' and the surname of the brand creators - designers Joanna & Mike Gauza. Even though the brand is relatively young, the design duo have some impressive collaborations on their portfolio already. Their style is a unique combination of aestheticism and functionality; a minimalistic approach with a pinch of extravagance. This is what they call 'Attractive Minimalism'.

They strongly believe that every single element should serve its purpose and be executed immaculately so it can contribute to the overall experience. Utilising right materials is critical and only by selecting the finest will effortless spaces with timeless style emerge. Extravagauza works closely with exceptional craftsmen and manufacturers to provide you with a complete solution that goes beyond the limits of traditional interior design.
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