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Manufacture of squares

Traditional Manufacture
After the extraction on the site with plasticity of clay, the ground is placed in a draw bench to obtain a band of ground which is then cut out in the desired format.

The still wet ground is placed within a metal framework then tasset of a mallet. One removes the ground surplus with a "piano wire" then one smoothes the surface of the square with a "platoir", then the edges are softened by hand.

The ground is marked then packed within its framework with wood. The ground is then smoothed, again by hand, then once the unmouled square is placed, the edges are softened by hand.

Manufacture of enamels decoration
As to the 15th century, the materials will be clay for the support, copper oxides, manganese, cobalt… for the decorations and silica for enamelling.
When the ground is dry, the squares are sorted manually, deburred and possibly enamelled.

Enamelling :
This stage consists in covering the square with one or more layers of enamels according to the required colors, brightnesses or aspects.

From there, decorations can be applied :
- stencil sets,
- silk screens,
- raised-hand decoration : decoration made with a brush.
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