FDV Group s.p.a
FDV Group s.p.a

FDV Group s.p.a

Manufacturers from via delle industrie 16/c , Salzano, Italy
Born in 2002, with the aim of joining together several brand which market lighting fixtures, FDV Group S.p.A. intends to build a pole for the sector companies, and enhance its presence in the Italian and international market: since then I Tre, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso Illuminazione dal 1938, Gallery Vetri d’Arte e Alt Lucialternative, Luxit and Leucos, seven internationally acknowledged names, work together to give light a shape of design.

I Tre was born in 1975 and has affirmed its identity through models of top quality, technical lighting performance and design, using a wide range of different materials it gives a new technological interpretation to light.

Murano Due was born in 1982 and follows the centuries’ old traditions of Murano glassmaking, bringing it up to date with modern techniques and new ideas. Modern refined design and top quality materials are the strong points of this brand.

Aureliano Toso Illuminazione dal 1938 produces equipment with simple lines yet excellent modern style: the great glassmaking traditions the name suggests have been updated to create a competitive long-lasting brand that is proud of its great traditions.

The Gallery Vetri d’Arte is the result of research which respects traditional values and adds a great way of interpreting timeless style that gives new value to classic-modern taste. Unique elegant and precious lamps, made from beautiful glass with exquisite antique working, unmistakeable in their distinct style.

The last entry is Alt Lucialternative, born in Murano in 1963 as an artistic glassmaker: this brand now produces lighting from blown glass and experimenting with new materials and technology. Unique designs, precious materials, research and innovative spirit are fundamental features of each new project from this famous collection.

The last two buyouts have the goal to build a pole of this sector companies, and to enhance the presence in the Italian and international market. FDV Group S.p.A. acquired Luxit Srl in 2007, which was born in 1967, named “Luxo Italiana”, as Italian branch of the norwegian Luxo. Luxit is an important brand, established in the international market, which was able to diversify its activity amongst design lamps and integrated lighting systems.

The last buyout date at july 2008: Leucos SpA, born in 1962, offers an artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has become a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs. Its reputation for impressive style has strengthened the brand throughout the world, carving a niche in both the “residential” and “contract” markets. Both these brands are intended to keep their autonomy and name, still being part of the big group of FDV Group S.p.A..

The head office is in Salzano (Venice, Italy) and fill a surface of more than 16.000 mq.

In 2006 FDV Group has been acquired by Alcedo SGR S.p.A. which enhanced its success; today the organizational structure of FDV Group is the result of precise strategic choices, which aim to new goals and find their origin in tradition, in the history and passion for glass and light. FDV Group, amalgamating the directional functions, commits its recognisability to the factors which characterize the brands individually, betting on the product quality, the research and innovation of design and constant attention to taste tendencies and market requests.


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