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I am a wierd old Architect who specialized in the consultation of roofing and waterproofing. The entire building envelope must function correctly to keep the interior dry and healthy, and I have spent 30 years helping people fix their waterproofing and roofing problems.

Most Architects spend lots of time designing for "curb appeal" (how the project looks from the street directly in front) but leave the roofing and waterproofing to others who are the lowest bidders.

95% of all new buildings leak! If the leak is because of a bad design--like no slope on the roof--then the Architect gets sued...SLAM DUNK! "You are the guy with your name all over the drawings? Here is your subpoena." If there is a little puddle of water ANYWHERE 24 hours after it stops raining, that is known as a DESIGN DEFECT and you lose. Your Insurance will pay one time and then drop you like a hot rock.

We don't live or work in a sculpture garden... look at the old traditional designs for houses and commercial buildings...consider the traditional design for a dog house--wonderful slope and eaves (overhangs) to keep the walls dry!

What will happen to your groovy design if there is a heavy rain with strong winds? You can fool a client, but not God's natural weather systems.

Take the model of your project... sprinkle it with dust. Then mist water on it until the dust turns to mud. Now how does your groovy design look? What you have done is to "age" the model 10 years or so, depending on the local climate and weather conditions. Humid climates grow algae; the expansion of water when it freezes into ice can crack a ponded roof membrane and cause instant roof failure.

Architecture is about "art", but you get sued if there is ANY health or safety problem that you didn't solve.

Designers love coffee tables with sharp crisp corners until they have toddlers that could die if they fall and hit their head on the "groovy modern" sharp corner. Did you ever drink a bit too much and hit one of those sharp corners with your bare leg in the dark? After that happens, you start thinking a bit different about FORM vs. FUNCTION !!!!

If you think I am trashing Architects, I am not. I cannot imagine a more wonderful profession---I decided to be an Architect in l968 and I will work/play and Love every day until my last day.

Very, very few professions are so highly respected.

None are paid so little!

To all of the Young Architects out there...
Good Luck! and God Bless You !!

Felix L. George Architect
San Diego, California
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Felix L. George, Architect, Roofing & Waterproofing Consultant San Diego
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