Filipa Figueira Arquitectura
Filipa Figueira
Filipa Figueira Arquitectura

Filipa Figueira Arquitectura

Architects from Porto, Portugal
Studio based in the historic center of Porto. Focusing its work in the Commercial Area and the Urban Renewal.
It has developed projects in various fields and locations. It has housing building projects (single-family and collective), trade, and other equipment.
It's part of a set of technical and specialties according to the needs presented by each project are called to intervene, forming interdisciplinary teams.
This adaptability is transported to the architecture, which allows to obtain better results according to the released challenge.

Also produces "Arquitectura à moda do Porto".
2013 - 8th place - International Competetion of Ideias Norte 41º Porto. Urban Regeneration of a Block Aurifícia
2010 - TOP20 - MOCCA - Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art
Conference Serão da Bonjóia, Porto, 7 de Agosto de 2014
Conference "Arquitectura à Moda do Porto" Moustache Café, Porto, April 22, 2014
Exhibition of the works of the Competition to the Preservation Corridor for the Lung Tsun Stone Bridge Remnants, Hong Kong, January to March 2014
Exhibition of the works of the International Competition of Ideas Norte 41º, Urban Regeneration of a Block Aurifícia, Porto, Casa das Artes, 24 October to 7 November 2013
Exhibition of Intervention in Architectural Heritage Archaeological, Complex of Carvalheiras, Braga, building GNRation, Braga, 10 to 24 May 2013
Exhibition of the final project, Expansion of the Cemetery of Moreira da Maia, Junta de Freguesia de Moreira da Maia, Maia, Portugal, 2010

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