Filodesign S.a.s.
Filodesign S.a.s.

Filodesign S.a.s.

Manufacturers from Via Baudenile,3, Leinì, Italy
Filodesign from greek φιλεῖν (philein), “love”, “filodesign” means LOVE FOR DESIGN!

Everything that is drawing,a line, a sign graphic,a font, a color …
Distant from the industrial stereotypes, our creed is to create ideas through the expert hands of an historic Italian craftsmanship.
Filodesign wants CREATE telling a story, it wants that the subject worked is the end result of a process that starts from a white sheet and get to show up in an environment with all its character, its original strength, his desire to intrigue.
And so every part of our objects, every detail, it is not random, but It is the result of an accurate and detailed study that together with a little dust of a workshop they can create a magic!
Marble, glass, iron, but also water, light and color become a matter to build, to draw, with our style.
Our daily research is a purity and elegance form, and especially our signature!