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FINOPTIM : the open-insert for your fireplace, with high energy efficiency and low emissions

When Baptiste Ploquin and David Lepiney met each other few years ago, they made a simple observation : there are still many open fireplaces in Europe, even though they do not provide the same performances as closed fireplaces.
They had brilliant ideas, the technical know-how and the desire to provide eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating solutions, so the company FINOPTIM was created.

The FINOPTIM team designed open-insert fireplaces thus revolutionizing fireplace design and optimizing existing fireplaces.

Since then, FINOPTIM has been given numerous awards for its product innovation.

We are a fast-growing, dynamic company ready to solve your heating dilemmas.

Our products are made in France and we source our raw materials in Europe whenever possible.

Made in France and environmentally friendly!

FINOPTIM design and manufacture all its products in France.
The choice is made on strong and qualitative materials.
FINOPTIM philosophy is to preserve the wood-heating while being eco-friendly : more efficiency, less polution.
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