> Craftmanship. Intense. Moments. Three words that create a slogan. Three words that characterize who Flam is today and what makes FLAM so unique today. Craftsmanship. For more than 80 years FLAM provides innovative products in the world of fireplaces and stoves. In its rich tradition FLAM was successively at the base of the first cast iron fireplace with energy saving valve, the fireplace with door, the Multi-Turbo combustion, .... And also today FLAM is trendsetting with the Combi-Flam, the unique solution for gas fires in apartment buildings, the Flexbox, which gives maximum design freedom because the flue gases can be transported horizontally or even downwards or with the AMBI, the gas fires with 5 burners. But even more than products it is the passion that we put in our products what differentiates craftsmanship of a product. Intens. That passion brings us to the second word. Intense. Only by intense practicing our profession we can provide the top products where FLAM stands for. That intense, that passion is reflected in all our employees. Passion for fire, for the customer, to become better together every day and in such a way creating intense moments. Moments that we, as FLAM, want to offer you. Moments. At FLAM, we want that not only the search for a fireplace or stove is a beautiful moment but also, and most importantly, when you subsequently together with your loved ones enjoy those beautiful unique moments by the fire. Craftmanship for intense moments! That’s what we stand for, that’s where we go for, every day again.
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