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Flexbrick S.L.
Flexbrick S.L.

Flexbrick S.L.

Flexbrick is an industrialised system of flexible ceramic sheets used to construct cladding (paving, facades and roofing) and laminar structures (vaults, catenaries and panels). These flexible sheets are created using an innovative system of woven steel with fired clay pieces that offers a range of design options and construction applications with excellent results. Flexbrick has been developed jointly by Piera Ecocerámica, Cerámica Malpesa and the architect Dr Vicente Sarrablo. RETHINK Flexbrick’s innovative system means a paradigm shift for ceramic architecture; a conceptual revolution that has led to the appearance of ceramic fabrics and a new architectural language. The new system allows for the industrialisation of a field of work that up until now relied on the traditional method of laying pieces one at a time. The system means a revolution for the sector. It offers architects a wide range of construction possibilities due to the fact that it can be used on any type of curve whilst maintaining constant alignment between parts. Flexbrick is a way to RETHINK architecture and construction using ceramics through a system that allows for excellent results in the design and construction of pavements, roofing, vertical cladding, structures, urban furniture, slope stabilisation, gabions, temporary architecture, murals, civil engineering and urban planning.
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