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Floor Sanding Co

Floor Sanding Co

The real wood floors suffer from different damage sources, some of them are external like the high-foot traffic, moisture or sunlight, others are happening inside the wood during the years. This is the reason why they require some additional maintenance procedures every few years like floor sanding, floor polishing, re-finishing or gap filling. Floor Sanding Co is a flooring company, located in London, offering the best solutions for wooden floors in poor condition. For the last 10 years we have specialised in every step from the floor restoration process. The people we work with are creative and enthusiastic wood lovers with knowledge about the different finishing products. Their skills and experience helps them to choose the right approach in every situation. The dedication of our experts, and the attention they pay for the details are the key to flawless final results.We maintain the highest standards in our branch, the floor sanding equipment we use is almost completely dust-free by Bona. For our sealing services we prefer to use only top quality oils and lacquers. Staining is also a service we can perform with a flawless outcome.
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