FLORIM stone
FLORIM stone

FLORIM stone

Manufacturers from Via del Canaletto, 24, 41042 Fiorano Modenese, Province of Modena, Italy
Where nature meets technological innovation

The best of the kitchen porcelain countertop and every one of its complements, finally customized in style and design, without compromise. Porcelain stoneware sheets in a unique large size (greater than 160×320 cm) available in three thickness options (6, 12 and 20 mm) and various finishes are at the service of interior decorators to provide creative flexibility and high technical and aesthetic performance. FLORIM stone gives space to maximum aesthetic and chromatic versatility: a selection of sheets with different inspiration to cater to a vast range of styles. The quality of the material, attention to detail and technical performance are guaranteed by fifty years of Florim experience.

Made up of a natural blend of clays and mineral colors, the FLORIM stone sheet is:
• impervious porcelain stoneware;
• resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and atmospheric stress;
• scratch-resistant;
• completely waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean.
• suitable for contact with food and drinking water (as evidenced by the NSF certification - Food Equipment Materials)

Beautiful or functional? Finally an easy choice: FLORIM stone, the perfect combination of durability, design and customization. Porcelain stoneware is a mixture of natural materials pressed and subjected to a firing process at over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit that makes it resistant to wear, mechanical stress and thermal stress. Even the hottest pans. It is a material that caters to your every culinary experiment and the failed ones clean up easily. FLORIM stone does not contain resins, it is hygienic and it is entirely safe in contact with any food. The color does not change over time and the surface does not scratch.

The neutrality of a single color, the warmth of wood texture, the elegance of marble or the extravagance of metal. Style is a personal thing and it should never be called into question, so FLORIM stone offers the widest possible range of choices, guaranteeing attention to detail, stylistic research and tailoring. Thanks to the three different available thickness choices, a single surface brings all the elements of the kitchen together with style and practical functionality.
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