FMB Leuchten Schmiedeeisen GmbH
FMB Leuchten Schmiedeeisen GmbH

FMB Leuchten Schmiedeeisen GmbH

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Italy
Each product is unique. Wrought iron products – made in Germany
There is hardly another material with such an intense radiation like wrought iron: smooth coolness and the refinement of finished surfaces combined with the soft glow of natural patinate colours, plus reliable quality - wrought iron creates a deep impression.

The extraordinary is the individuality
The brand fmb Leuchten Schmiedeeisen GmbH has its roots in the family-owned company FINKE in Borken, North-Rhine-West- phalia, near the dutch border. Since its foundation in 1967 the company has refined steel into luxurious wrought iron objects. Today the assortment of lamps made by fmb Leuchten Schmiedeeisen GmbH covers more than 500 design series and a multiplicity of individually manufactured products for the building branche.


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