Forest Avenue & C

Manufacturers from Vlamingstraat 27, Wevelgem, Belgium
"From ecological point of view"

Since 2006, Forest Avenue was raised by the idea to design woven panels and borders with natural woven branches.
The hard labour production process results in prominent and environmental friendly fences. Next to "measure-made goods", Forest Avenue also creates metal frames (galvanized and coated are optional), in which branches are woven. Furniture and garden accessories are also developed whereby different types of wood are manufactured as decoration.

Next to the use of Willow and Hazel, Forest Avenue & Co created A NEW CONCEPT: "Fiber", which exists of synthetic material. This UV-resistant branch creates the opportunity to meet demand for all seasons. Also, with this synthetic branch, all combinations of colours are available. The innovation is protected and an exclusive idea by Forest Avenue. In short, the Fiber represents a sustainable and designable product, which is UV- resistent and the ultimate solution for long life term fences.

"Partnership in innovation"

Forest Avenue aims at "made in Belgium" products by "standardization" and "measure-made" woven panels. Therefore, Forest Avenue & Co choose to cooperate with Belgian knowledge and production houses
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Forest Avenue & C Wevelgem
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Vlamingstraat 27, Wevelgem, Belgium