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Haribaabu Naatesan (“Hari”) graduated in Fine Arts from ‘Chennai College of Fine Arts’. Pursuing his dream, he went on to do his post-graduation at the National Institute of Design, (NID) Ahmadabad. At NID he found the space to express his unique style and his ideas first took wings there. The unusual, the throw-away, the scrapped objects became his media. At NID, Haribaabu got the platform to exhibit his first solo show which stood true to the test and won immense appreciation and accolades and a large audience as well. This was just the beginning.

His work and exceptional style got noticed by critics, collectors and fellow artists... It is being nurtured today, in his Mumbai studio.

The Corporate & Creative Blend

Gathering the new sense of direction and all the encouragement from the NID faculty, Haribaabu was now ready to step out. To begin with, he was in demand in the corporate world as the Head of the Animation team for the On Air Promotions at a music channel in Chennai. His work continued to speak for itself; and more opportunities opened with offers from various media companies and music channels. Haribaabu shifted base to Mumbai then as the Graphic Head for a television production house. In 2009 Haribaabu quit his job and decided to set up his own studio – pursuing a more creative path.

As they say, nothing can stop you when your time has come. Haribaabu got a solo exhibition at the ‘Out of the Blue’ Lounge in the peak festive season. A stunned audience admired his original work, based on a medium never used before. Critics wrote enthusiastically in leading regional newspapers which featured his work.

Since his beginnings in the Mumbai Lounge – Hari’s work has gone far afield, including London...

Today, Haribaabu, while satisfying the needs of his corporate clients through commissioned works, continues to keep alive his creative urge through artworks which are finding a select coterie of collectors.
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