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fotofacade architectural photography

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Andy Marshall is a freelance architectural photographer based in the UK. He has been involved with the built environment for over 25 years.
Throughout that time he has developed a distinctive understanding of architectural form and space. He has a sound knowledge of architectural history, and has won the College of Estate Management Harold Samuel Prize for his thesis on Genius Loci in Architecture.
He has also dedicated his time to developing a unique insight and informed approach to the architectural image, through his distinctive Mantra.

Andy has worked on architectural projects and commissions all over Europe and has had his work published in magazines, books and newspapers worldwide. He is a regular contributor to the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Cornerstone Magazine, and magazines such as Lancashire Life. He is also an agency photographer for The National Trust; and has also worked as a volunteer for the Images of England Project under the auspices of English Heritage.

Andy has exhibited his work in London, Leeds, Manchester and Huddersfield and has a permanent exhibition of his work in his home town of Middleton.

His images include the full gamut of architecture:

■from Victorian Gothic to Contemporary Expressionism,
■from Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Zaha Hadid,
■from abstract architecture to fantasy illustration
■from spatial awareness to stylistic sensitivity
■from stories to tell to symbolic imagery
■never forgetting the importance of light, light & light
.Andy is a regular campaigner on twitter for the architectural cause, and spends his spare time involved with conservation issues in his local community. He is a founder member of the Friends of Long Street Methodist Church built by his favourite architect Edgar Wood.

Andy’s work includes:-

■Contemporary architecture
■Historic Architecture
■Building Conservation and The Historic Environment
■Traditional Skills and Processes in Construction
■Construction and Regeneration
■Applied Arts – objet d’art (studio work)
■Time lapse imagery
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