Fototherm S.P.A.
Fototherm S.P.A.

Fototherm S.P.A.

Manufacturers from Strada Vicinale degli Olmi, 1, Gonars, Italy
Fototherm S.P.A., founded in 2006, manufactures and delivers thermal photovoltaic modules with own patented technology FOTOTHERM®, based on photovoltaic commercial modules of the largest international brands. the upgrade obtained through FOTOTHERM® technology, in terms of security and efficiency, is guaranted by the quality of the products are used.

The solar cells used in the commercial photovoltaic modules convert generally from 13 up to 18% of the incident energy, the remaining part of energy increases the temperature of the cell with consequent loss of conversion efficiency of solar cells.

FOTOTHERM® technology is based on simultaneous production of electrical energy by photovoltaic cells added with thermal power generation from cooling crystalline cells. It allows an increase of electrical energy production and the simultaneous generation of heat.
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