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Francis Krahe and Associates

Outstanding and enduring buildings are formed through a creative process which exploits the opportunities presented, and searches for those inherent and subtle characteristics which define both unique and timeless quality. We challenge ourselves and our clients to define architecture with light which will enhance the community and reinterpret their context and purpose. With light we create original works that are beautiful and functional, simultaneously complex and simple. We are fascinated by how light can be manipulated to capture the unique qualities of a particular form, place, and purpose. We believe light is a powerful tool which communicates the identity of place and shapes our perception of this environment. Francis Krahe & Associates, Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative architectural lighting and engineering design firm. Established in 1983, the firm has an exceptional creative team in Los Angeles, California which serves a diverse range of design clients who share a common goal of excellence in lighting. Our design professionals provide creative and technical lighting expertise to produce exceptional projects. We practice design with respect to planning, architecture, electrical engineering, and lighting fixture product design. "As an architectural engineer, I believe our best work results from collaboration. Our success is owed in great part to the outstanding architects, designers, landscape architects, artists and engineers who engaged our team for their project. We believe our designs are a durable enhancement for each project and each client. We take great pride in our accomplishments and the recognition of our work over our 29 year history, while we view each new project as a defining opportunity." — Francis Krahe, PE
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