Gabor Somoskoi

Photographers from -, Switzerland
Gabor Somoskoi is involved in the following projects
HERMIT HOUSE, added by Rikkert Paauw and Bartosz Zabiega
INVENTORY, added by András Cseh, Endre Ványolós and Áron Vass-Eysen
FIRE NEST, added by Zsófia Szonja Illés and Lukasz Pastuszka
Project Villa, added by BuildunBuilt (Baki Áron, Egyed Csongor, Gadolla Máté, Kőműves Márton, Szabó Ákos, Takács Ákos)
AMAZING AMASSING, added by Solid Operations
OCA, added by castrocamerin
PLAY WITH FIRE, added by Suzana Milinovic and Rufus Van Den Ban (TU Delft)
ALT-CATHEDRAL, added by Neal Hitch, Martin Hitch and Lucas Hitch
and 2 more