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Gair Williamson Architects
Gair Williamson Architects

Gair Williamson Architects

Gair Williamson Architects was founded in 2002 and has since been focused on urban densification and a concern for the city as a repository of cultural memory. We believe that densification in inner city neighborhoods leads to deeper social interaction and civic accountability, and we pursue the retention of cultural memory through a clear distinction between the existing urban fabric and our contemporary interventions. To facilitate these aspirations, our work strives to unite the often opposing interests of the community and developer and the conflicting priorities of the art of architecture and the economics of the marketplace. Of particular interest to the firm are critical explorations into the larger social and cultural issues pertaining to the architecture of affordable housing and a reconsideration of the 21st century workplace. Within our portfolio of housing, office, assembly and restaurant projects we believe that pursuing the craft of architecture can result in a legacy of lasting relevance. The adjoining map illustrates the locations of our recent projects.
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