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G|A|P Associates

G|A|P Associates

Architects from Carrer Les Tulipes, 7, Igualada, Spain
P | A is a young and proactive company, born as the sum of a multidisciplinar team of professionals offering a full-range of tailored investment, design and management services and products that create significant value to investors, users and community.

Top design quality. We work hard to offer differentiated services and products that creates positive impact. We select our suppliers and partners to pioritize quality of the final product.

Process-driven approach We believe in design as a process to approach problems and offer solutions to the community and it is one of our main drivers to take decisions.

Value management. The implementation of Value Management (VM) methodology maximize value for money and can be applied to any type of projects regardless of the size and timeframe and at all stages throughout the lifecycle of the project from inception to completion.

Result oriented. We rely on outstanding processes to reach exceptional results. Our performance is based on what we deliver and we try to improve them constantly.

Collaboration with local partners globally is crucial to reach a broader market around the world, as networks increase efficiency of resources.

Sharing knowledge. We encourage our multidisciplinar team to think out of the box and bring new and fresh ideas, approaches and processes. The only way to create value constantly is by thinking different and reinventing.

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Carrer Les Tulipes, 7, Igualada, Spain