GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini Architetto
GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini Architetto

GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini Architetto

Architects from Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
GBa_studio srl gianluca brini architect - synthetic profile

Gianluca Brini has been a single freelancer since 1990; in January 1998 he opened his own office in Bologna, since 2005 he is the sole director of the architectural firm and urban planning & engineering office GBa Studio s.r.l._Gian Luca Brini architect.
GBa_studio works in the area of urban and architectural project, dealing with research and multi-specialized and multilevel design, often pushed up to the executive detail and always aimed to the construction of the building(s), also through the construction supervision.
The project is always meant as a practice of thought: based on the critical method and proactive approach; as an intellectual practice (much more than disciplinary). It is constantly investigated also in theoretical way. The research innervates all the phases of the commission, but also arises as the before and after of contract development, as well as always taking place in parallel and continuity as part of the activity of the office.
GBa_studio soon won numerous awards through participation in competitions and through numerous publications in first-line journals and qualified books, both nationally and internationally. Even today, the trend of qualification and qualitative recognition continues in this way.
Over the years it consolidates its internal structure and the external network. This allows the office to develop complex projects in an integrated and coordinated way, including with public purchasers.
2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of the activity of the firm, now recognized among the consolidated references of the architecture and urban planning sector: GBa_studio, though outside the great media and advertising flows by choice, is a stable and concrete institution that persists in practicing the project and his theory with passion and determination. This is due to an extraordinary number of plans and built constructions, especially in Bologna and surrounding area, for private (mainly) and public customers.
By the future mark, the office "battles" with innovative themes, such as co_housing and eco_ industry, the excellence of the new private healthcare and the advanced tertiary sector. This is for a new generation of customers, up-to-date and dynamic, in search of particularly advanced concrete and intellectual results.The firm, without ever giving up its specific delegation and responsibility towards the project (which remains a strong and individual intellectual act) and the Client, towards society and the world, strongly supports a practice of thought that guides the technical action, because we must not design and build things but SPACES / TIMES (moments) OF LIFE.

The twenty-year goal of the continuous activity achieved in 2018 coincides with a year of deep internal restructuring and re-launching of initiatives, including the foundation of GBA Lab, a training and research laboratory.
This new "space-time" has the purpose of collecting the activities that go beyond the traditional job order and the research related to it, focused on architecture and urban planning, leaving the operational limits of the response to the needs of the Clients and the Company.
They are "different" but significant practices of the vivacity of the office, which include, for example, a particular attention to the study of software and BIM as novelty and development factors; a "detour_distration" on the roads of industrial design; a constant and sustained dedication to the contemporary and its novelties and vitality, to be chased and collected around the world; and more ... The direction of GBA Lab is undertaken by the engineer Riccardo Brini.