Gidlööf Originals
Gidlööf Originals

Gidlööf Originals

Manufacturers from Passatge Mercantil, 1, Barcelona, Spain
Gidlööf Originals is a small furniture producing and design company created in 2012 by Costacalsamiglia, an architectural studio from Barcelona (Spain). The architect Guim Costa Calsamiglia designs all products from the collection and produces them using professional craftsmen.

The philosophy of this company is to produce domestic designs that fit in our daily needs and at the same time, are pleasant to be seen and touched. The firm proposes a new way of living indoor spaces with the comfort and warmth of its pieces, always made with natural materials.

The products of Gidlööf Originals aim to communicate present and future values: sustainability, efficiency and quality. Each piece is unique: that’s why all pieces are numbered and engraved with the Gidlööf Originals stamp.
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Gidlööf Originals Spain
0034 93268 2225
Passatge Mercantil, 1, Barcelona, Spain