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Thinkers who are doers. We're idea-driven.
Grit architects is driven to pursue timeless ideas. It is a multi-dimensional architectural and interior design firm established on the heart of Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar offering innovative design at international quality.

We're nosey.
We dig into your business so we can provide real solutions.
At GRIT, we pursue sustainable design for the built environment through architecture, interior design, and urban design and planning to create places that enrich lives and endure for decades. We learn from the past, shape the present and future, and create a built environment that is respectful of resources and beautiful in every way.
We care about how our projects perform, today and future; create spaces that improve the human condition and minimally impact the environment.
We view our client as our team member, playing a key role in the design process as the vision of the project begins to unfold. Grit Architects helps the client through critical decisions about concept, project delivery, schedules and bidding.
We are passionate about quality, function and synergy. We believe that client relationships should be based on honesty.
We drill deep, listen well, and get to the core of every issue. We assure you that we can give you a World Class architecture and excellent design within the time limits offered. Together, we share a common purpose: building a successful future.
“We believe achieving success in design involves people from all disciplines and at every level working together in the unified effort to create inspiring environments that enhance the human condition.” Our mission statement takes the form of this simple equation:
people + collaboration + innovation = extraordinary environments.
Urban design:
Our designers work collaboratively with communities to generate innovative design ideas and solutions, and then take them through to implementation. We design open and flexible plans that afford opportunities for enrichment, adaptation, choice, and change consistent with the principles of sustainable prosperity. We conceptualize campus life around vibrant public spaces. We focus on integrating campus functions, technology, landscape and, urban life and ambience, ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability. We believe that through design up gradation campuses can be responsive to continuous re-invention.
Architecture can be narrative; it can tell a story, evoke emotion, deliver a message. It can speak to a client’s needs, dreams & aspirations.
Architecture is both art and craft. It is about design.
As architects we strive for timeless designs that transcend style and trends by addressing the specificities of each site, program and client. We believe that design should not begin with a preconceived idea or a style, but should flow naturally from a thorough investigation and understanding of each project’s unique challenges. This ensures that each design will suit the specific needs of each client.

The value of creativity, structure, appearance and function that directs our vision as architects carries through to our approach as interior designers. Our interior architecture practice is focused on creating unique environments that inspire and lift the human spirit, stimulate the intellect, and promote the well-being of its users. We deliver designs that exceed client expectations and reflect their values.
Grit architects provides total solutions for programmed interiors, encompassing conceptual planning, space allocation and aesthetic design. Our diverse staff has experience with hospitality, entertainment, public works, corporate and even residential interior design.
Our Services…
Architectural Design Development with Building Services
Interior Designing
Space Programming & planning
Cost Estimation and valuation
Site Analysis & Master Planning
Site Surveying
Urban Designing
Feasibility Reports for New Construction
Building Promotions

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