Manufacturers from Afores sn, 25750 Torà, Lleida, Spain
Grok embodies a way of understanding and interacting with one another that is based on intuition and empathy. It is our soul and these are our values. This is how we act and how we interact with our clients and employees.

When we created Grok in 1998, we made a commitment to a contemporary product line that would decorate and build spaces through attractive design and interaction between their light and the ambient light. We believe there is a light and a luminaire perfectly suited to each room, each activity and each individual.

Grok forms part of the LEDS-C4 group, which has been designing and producing lighting products for interior and exterior design projects for over 40 years. More than four decades of innovation to offer the best services and light quality on all projects.

We create spaces and sensations through light.
Our Products
Our Offices
Grok Lighting Headquarters
Afores sn, 25750 Torà, Lleida, Spain
+45 76 41 34 00
Karetmagervej 12, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

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