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Architects from 13 passage Saint Sebastien, Paris, France
Guillaume is an independent architect with a 8-years professional experience in Oslo, Paris, London and Tokyo.


Trained in both Applied Arts and Architecture, he acquired a wide range of design skills through the years. His pluri-disciplinary approach led him to cross known boundaries of architecture and reach new fields of activity ranging from digital interactivity to city-branding.

Several years spent abroad, professionally or for personal purposes, also provided him with an ability to adapt and confront his practice of architecture with a variety of cultural, social and physical environments.


Favoring to integrate small to mid-scale offices, he was soon entrusted with growing responsibilities, and more specifically in local and international competitions. Several times awarded, on others' behalf but also in his name, he also headed forward-looking surveys on vertical farming within a leading research laboratory in parallel to his regular activity.

Having faced the challenge of running his own studio for about 5 years, he quickly gained in credibility, realism and efficiency despite his young age. Besides, and in addition to obvious management skills, he honed a certain know-how in detailing and crafting. Prototyping became fully integrated in his work methodology, allowing him to deliver custom-made designs within a controlled timeframe.


Fascinated by the way Scandinavians insert design in every aspect of people's life, he is deeply convinced that Northern Europe now accommodates the most cutting edge talents. To some extent tightly bound to the Japanese obsessive culture of mastery and perfection, Nordic standards reach indeed an unequalled level of quality. Consequently, and owing to past experiences in Norway, he confirmed his strong will to be part of this ongoing momentum and hopefully contribute.
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