Guillaume Ramillien Architecture
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Guillaume Ramillien Architecture

Guillaume Ramillien Architecture

Architects from 10 rue de Picardie paris 3/76 rue , saint maur, France
Since 2008, our workshop deals with volunteerism, generosity and innovation projects at various scales, from the architecture to urban planning, feeding his approach to the specificities of each of these scales, and their complementarity.
In the manner of artisans, we consider architecture as a tradition to renew ceaselessly and tirelessly to make it draw from its own resources: location, uses and material.

Our work is based on a sensitivity to the specific identity of the place, captured through their memory, reality and materiality.
The prominence of the concept of environment - natural, built and cultural - makes us consider the architecture, and the exploration of its forms, such as art to describe the interfaces between a place, a public place or a landscape, and uses circumscribed in a physical space.
To an integrated environmental approach, our proposals strive to capture different forms of energy of a site, preserving its resources.

The uniqueness of our architecture and comes from retaining the expressiveness forms describing the uses sheltered by a frame in its particular environment and atmosphere created by the implementation of materials with sensual, poetic and evocative qualities.
We demand an existentialist and phenomenological approach, which grabbed a program and a place to aim at the real, physical and sensory experience of their union, seen through the diversity and intensity of their use. The living and the concept of domesticity this trend in a major and founding site.

Our commitment to the event in the real meaning of our projects an intense sharing this process with our building owners. So that our proposals are a vector of common interests, we develop the principle of participatory morphogenesis that questions the representation of the project through specific tools, including hand drawing and the model.
A method in this book: drawing, measure, build.

The team's work was recognized for its proposals in international competitions (Europan 9, 2G Venice Lagoon Park) in public competitions (Re-urbanization of the site of the Hotel-Dieu in Clermont-Ferrand, Eco-city La Garenne in Fourchambault) in private commissions (homes), and honored with the Award for Young Architecture of the City of Lyon.