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New York City entrepreneur/designer Ian Leong and Thailand's Jumnian “Nian” Kunchorn launched their brand DXI Livinga collection of beautiful, unique and practical home and hotel accessories unlike any other they had encountered in over15 years of working with global retail giants.

Ian and Nian’s (yes, they rhyme) very brand name, DXI Living, highlights their design mission – to “D” delight, “X” excite, and ”I” inspire people to live wonderfully. DXI focuses on their vision of bringing to the world market wonderful products countering the rush towards blandly uniform and mass-produced stuff. Never-before-seen, slow-to-make, each piece unique are the hallmarks of DXI Living hand cast resin products.

The DXI Living collection marks an important year as DXI Living branches into three collections:

DXI Naturals is based on the unique qualities of hand cast resin to preserve and infuse our lives and living spaces with the miraculous beauty of nature in everyday items – candle accessories, bath amenities, photo and mirror frames, vases and serving trays.

DXI Industria. Ian and Nian tackle the question of how to make fast and high tech slow and low tech. Nuts and bolts float like seeds on a pond. Copper wire winds artfully and imperfectly around our SPIN candle holders cores creating a most heartwarming glow at the finest dining spaces. Minute watch parts, each set by hand with tweezers allude to the craft of watchmaking and float in clear resin like art pieces contemplating time.

Our artisans skillfully lay each flower petal, piece of lapis lazuli, twist of wire, or leaf by hand. Every surface of every clock, tissue box, lotion pump is polished or ground with care. It’s slow, artful, imperfect…and human , but we like it this way we hope you do too.
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