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HempFlax BV

Manufacturers from Oude Pekela, Netherlands
HempFlax in Oude Pekela (NL) focuses on the production and processing of sustainable resources, semi-finished and finished products made from ecologically grown fibre hemp and flax. By professionally improving the development and innovation of renewable natural fibre products, HempFlax stands at the outset of a sustainable industrial chain.

This industrial production chain has its origins in sustainable agriculture. Through contract farming with crop farmers in the Netherlands and Germany HempFlax annually obtains fresh natural fibre, particularly fibre hemp. By marketing renewable resources HempFlax is a leader of this innovative industrial development. Its main target is to produce renewable resources for industrial finished products and consumer goods.

HempFlax enables entrepreneurs and consumers to give meaning to their own environmental responsibility. The sustainable chain works according to the universal school of environmental thought of right-minded people, aimed at the utmost preservation of the ecological cycle. Entrepreneurs, managers, banks and consumers should make an effort to utilize the opportunities brought about by HempFlax.

It is with vision and innovative vigour that HempFlax adds content to the concept of agrification in the Netherlands. By making available renewable resources environmentally damaging synthetic fibres manufactured from fossil resources – such as nylon and plastics – can be replaced by fibres from renewable resources.

By producing hemp wood for paper, construction material, saw dust and many other environmentally damaging consumer goods, HempFlax also discourages unnecessary logging and deforestation. HempFlax pays heed to distress signals indicating a decline in the quality of nature on Earth. At the same time HempFlax heeds the United Nation’s urgent appeal as laid down in the environmental treaties of Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto and Johannesburg.

Without drastic changes in the environmental awareness of entrepreneurs and consumers, the increasing use of energy and the pace of consumption of the growing world population will make fossil resources – such as oil and its derivatives – run dry before the end of the century. Fibre hemp constitutes an inexhaustible, sustainable and annually renewable source of energy and recyclable industrial resources.

Since 1994 HempFlax’ vision has been tangible in the shape of high-quality natural fibre products. The application of renewable resources and the consumption of goods emanating from these resources are the only realistic grounds for pushing back the green house effect. CO2 levels in the atmosphere need not rise anymore if the opportunities presented by sustainable agriculture are utilized.

As more and more companies apply renewable fibres in their production processes the sustainable industrial chain will become longer and stronger. This process starts with HempFlax’ crop farmers and ends with the consumer. If the opportunities presented by this chain are utilized the social climate for man, animal and plants will be spared. Future generations will be grateful for it.

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