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After more than ten years of struggle,the company has now developed into a modern medium-sized enterprise.The company covers a land area of 38.000 square meters and a construction flooage of 18,000 square meters.The company has set up two economic entity including Tianjin Lida carpet Co.TSAianjin Flyig Horse Textile Co.in Tianjin Development Zone.

It has fixed assets valued at RMB 9 million,flowing assets of RMB 20 million and 4,000 employees.The company conducts modern enterprise management with unique production technique and brand-new management mechanism.It has advanced equipment for office work,designing,manufacturing,technical upgranding and testing.The company is comprised of the departments,of management,export,production,technology,finance and logistics with 100 professionals.50 technical personnel with education above the polytechnic level are in charge of blueprinting,designing,testing,dying,weaving,and devoration as well as technical upgranding work.It has production lines for hige-stitch glue-back carpet and plain-stitch carpet with an annual prodcation capacity of 1 million square meter.And also we have managed to file the National Patent this year.

The machine-made carpets branch of TIANJIN HENGDA CARPET CO.LTD was established in 2002.The company invested total amount of more than 800 million RMB in it,which has an entire production line with over 30 kinds of main modern equipments.The monthly production capacity is 120,000 square meters.After several years,research and exploration,they develop this kind of machine-made printed carpet with the latex or while cotton backing,which has gained the national patent.The process of the production consists of more than 20 stages drawing,plate-making,colors-matching,shaping,dying,washing drying,backing-gluing,edge-sewing,fringe tying,etc.

Because the carpets have some special features that other kind of carpets can't match with,such as,the glowing and fluffy surface,beauty and novelty,vivid colours and slip-resistant,durable and so on,which have been welcome and preferable by the customers for the past years.The products are mainly exported to the USA and European markets.And beause it has the similar characteristics of the hand-made carpets,it has become the best-selling productions in the international marktes.
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