Henri Fanthome Office for Architecture
Henri Fanthome Office for Architecture

Henri Fanthome Office for Architecture

Architects from 309, Qutab Green Apartments, New Delhi, India
HFOA, is a design consultancy based in New Delhi, India. The practice has projects that cover a very diverse range of scales and locations.

Through design research, discipline and pragmatic thinking, we vision architecture that reflects and celebrates the balance between humanity and the planet we inhabit, both in the built and un-built environment.

We believe each project is a challenge and a unique opportunity for discovery and new thinking, and enabling possibility.

Space, to us, can be smelt, heard, felt, and absorbed just as much as it can be seen. Spaces we believe are meant to be lived in, walked through, played in, and enjoyed – used and inhabited, and experienced.

We create and deliver architecture that reflects good design, innovative problem solving, and economy of both means and materials, with an underlying environmental responsibility.

At HFOA sustainability is exciting, it is the future, and the way we have always designed.

We believe in budgets, in real world limitations and how they inform design decisions and add new layers of interest to our work – and also that good design does not cost more!

At every scale, there is an opportunity to design, and add new value to life. And as architects we continually look for avenues that that bring such challenge to us.