Hertweck Devernois Architectes Urbanistes
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Hertweck Devernois Architectes Urbanistes

Hertweck Devernois Architectes Urbanistes

Architects from 2 rue Royale, Versailles, France
Hertweck Devernois is an international and interdiciplinary office made up of architects, urban planners, researchers and designers with offices in France and Germany. Founded in 2008 by Pierre Alexandre Devernois and Florian Hertweck, it focuses its activity on the interconnection between architecture, infrastructure and spatial planning.

Leaving from the assumption that our territories draw surfaces on which object are implanted either separated or connected by physical or immaterial networks, the offices searches to devise new conceptual responses to our way of life, our environmental situation or our collective identity, basically all those categories which in the last twenty years found themselves in need of reinterpretation. How are we living and working today? Which type of energies are we consuming? How do we orientate ourselves when we are moving across landscapes? Which are the places with which we identity ourselves with? There questions are inseparably linked to an architectural culture which has to be capable of thinking the architectural objects in connection to the flows and living surroundings.

On a territorial scale, the approach of the office is intended to reconnect that which has been torn apart. It is therefore an effort to create connections and define grab points, in order to resewn that which has been ripped apart and reanimate the present condition.
It begins by reworking the ground level and its certain topographies, but also inquires its thickness and materiality. The objective of this endogenous approach is to find a new link between culture and nature, artificial and natural and also between the city and the country side.

On an object scale, the approach is architectural. Because sustainable development itself, just as functionalism itself, cannot systematically bring architectural or urban quality, the agency continuously questions the ecological device and program through architectural experiments. On the tectonic plane this is achieved through a poetic consensus between structure and envelope, on the material plane though detail precision and the sensuality of texture, and finally referring to the spaces created, they are to respond without prejudice to the context for which they are developed.

The agency, thought its project syntaxes , also issues resistance. Resistance towards the inflation of images that suggest every day the creation of new formal universes and resistance towards the proliferation of technocratic measures towards the world-wide acknowledgement of the climatic situation. These resistances do not pledge however retrograde conservatism, but to the contrary incite to research and experimentation in order to understand and requalify that which is already present.
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