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Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates

Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates

Architects from 3-10-17 Amanuma Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Born in Tokyo 1958. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. While giving life to avant-garde architecture and interior design works, he is also active in carrying out philosophical and speculative work as exemplified by his studies of Plato's Symposium and the problem of universals with a particular focus on Peter Abelard. Served as president for the Design Division of the Japan Institute of Architects and organized the Rethinking the Japanese Avant-Garde symposium. He was selected for the fellowship of Overseas Study Program for Artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and resided in Florence, Italy. He has received numerous awards including the JCD Design Aword Yoji Yamamoto Prize.
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