Holzman Moss Bottino
Tom Kessler
Holzman Moss Bottino

Holzman Moss Bottino

Architects from 214 West 29th Street Tower, New York, United States
Commitment to design excellence is at the heart of our practice. What distinguishes our practice is a deep sense of responsibility to clients, communities, and the creation of memorable architecture that provides great value to its users.

The three partners have collaborated for more than 20 years and share a personal, hands-on approach uncommon in national design firms. Their insistence on exploration, discussion, critical evaluation, and a genuine openness to new possibilities leads to creative solutions that transform client aspirations into architecture.

Design solutions grow out of a responsive process where ideas are inspired by context. Awareness of the distinct character of each location influences our use of materials, forms, patterns, and colors resulting in buildings that are firmly rooted in their communities.

We are committed to the highest standard of design ethics. By respecting programs, budgets, context, and environmental concerns, we create unique architecture that provides exceptional long-term value to institutions, campuses, communities, and the people who use our buildings.
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Holzman Moss Bottino
214 West 29th Street Tower, New York, United States