Architects from Budapest, Hungary
The predecessor company of Messrs. Homoky was formed in 1981. Its founder, owner, manager was Mr. József Homoky, architect. The orientation of activities of the company was construction work and design, civil works execution and connected engineering activities, as determined by the qualifications of József Homoky and his son Levente Homoky, architect. As for the position of the company, its activities are mainly directed to export markets, where thank to the activities and qualification of its engineering team such projects have been realized as have ensured quick building of residential apartments in territories of natural catastrophe. This has resulted in the qualification of our solutions by the French Academy of Sciences, who have proposed them for utilization.
Our company has participated in the design of industrial utilities and in the engineering monitoring of their realization both domestically and abroad. We have designed and built residential apartments, service installations, hotels and office buildings at locations from our own country to Guadeloupe or Martinique, to Chechnya, Peru and Bashkortostan.
Our engineers have gained wide experience in their work in distant countries.
We annex to this informative material a list of projects realized by us in foreign countries, of which we would here like to make special mention of the following.
• In the framework of the social program of the French government our company realized a project involving the erection of residential buildings stable to weather conditions in place of those that were swept away by hurricanes in the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.
• Imposing light structure weekend house deliveries, continued to the great satisfaction of our partner companies to South France and the Strasbourg region. The design and local turnkey based erection of these buildings were carried out by our engineers and erection workers.
• Participation with the building of quick erection building for the accommodation of people fleeing the Chechnya war zone, this project remains uncompleted because of the very grave military situation.
• Activities of our construction team of 150-200 in Germany after the unification of that country, where they participated in the renovation of traditional buildings and the erection of new ones, further in the delivery of light structure buildings.
• Preparative work for an Algerian project, similar to the Guadeloupe project, on the order from our French partners.
• Participation of our engineers in monitoring of large scale industrial projects in Azerbaijan, among others in building of a thermal electric station in the vicinity of Lake Sevan.
• Erection of office buildings, hotels, residential parks and residential apartments conforming to luxury standards in various parts of the former Soviet Union (Ukraine and Bashkortostan).
We have naturally monitored many other projects both in our country and abroad.
This is widely supported by the annexed reference material. The illustrative annex to our information will give you a picture of the quality and aesthetic value of the buildings designed and erected by our company.
The company has a design office concerned with all special branches of civil engineering, which is concerned in the realization of both domestic and foreign projects.
In the interests of successful operation our company has access through our agents to marketing information in a wide range of foreign countries both in Europe and in other parts of the world.
Te realization of assignments and aims of the company, depending on the size of the assignment, is ensured by and engineering staff of 25-30 engineers and other management staff.

József Homoky

He was born in 1935 in Beregszász. He finished the Faculty of Architecture at Technical University of Lemberg (Lvov) with awarded degree, after that he studied interior design at the Muchina Art Academy in St. Petersburg. As a member of the Soviet Architectural Fund and the Artistic Fund he designed the buildings of featured, emphasized facilities, including their interior design, he managed and controlled their realization. From 1976 he was the Lead Architect of Szövterv (the biggest national construction company in Hungary), and between 1978 and 1984 he was managing the Architecture Department of the Hungarian Film Production Company. In this period he was in charge to coordinate the work of a 36-person Designer Office and the team of contractors employing hundreds of people at the same time. With his colleagues he realized the buildings and the interiors designed by himself. They created a number of architectural works, which were necessary for the development of the company operation, and their erection is listed and registered under his name. From 1984 he operated as a Free Architect for the Artistic Fund, and from 1989 he was active outside Hungary.