Hopf, Nordin
Hopf, Nordin

Hopf, Nordin

Designers from Drontheimer Straße 37 1. Og. li., Berlin, Germany
Swedish-German designers Hopf & Nordin create objects based on nature’s maths

Nature’s beauty and purpose are consequences of ever changing adaptation and evolution; expressions of unseen forces made visible to the human eye. Whether it is the seemingly random branching structure of trees, the filigree network of an insect’s wing or the perfectly arranged facets of mineral crystals – we cannot help but wondering why all must be just so.

Swedish-German designers Hopf & Nordin putanimate and inanimate nature to work, creating everyday objects based on natural-mathematical algorithms. Rules and attributes, the genes of the objects, as it were, are steeringtheir growth into a preferred direction.In case of room-dividing shelves, this could be the number of compartments, their angles, or the desired maximum weight. Technical constraints, resulting from the desired fabrication process and material properties, are an integral part of the object’s generation and evolution also.

Exemplary for their design approach are tables based on a dragonfly’s wing structure, shelves grown akin to afungi’s cell distribution or porcelain thin-shell lights derived from a water drop’s surface tension and nickel-iron meteorite’s crystal structure.

Phenomena and materials on which the objectsare to be based can also be selected in consultation with the client. Individual requirements, whether of functional or aesthetic nature, can easily be incorporated; state-of-the-art digital fabrication technologies allow one-off andlimited edition production from any material at near mass-production costs and speeds.

Emergent growth inevitably spawns a breed of unique forms – perfect objects whose biological-mathematical precursors successfully underwent an evolutionary process. And so, slowly but steadily, we are advancing yet another step further in our quest for perfection.
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