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Since 1989, when the company was founded, Horm.it furnishes living spaces by creating emotions and transforming homes, public spaces and workplaces into warm, welcoming and functional environments. The values that distinguish Horm.it are: design, entrusted to internationally-famous architects and designers, passion, which is the engine that drives the entire process of generating ideas and, finally, the home, understood as a private or commercial environment and destination of all products of the collection. On the living-space design landscape, Horm.it defines its identity through two distinct design approaches, proposing both pure, functional forms and true domestic sculptures that occupy the subtle space that divides seriality from art. Wood, the star of Horm.it’s history, is combined with glass, stone and metal that, together, offset each other in an aesthetic logic from the neutral tones of white and black, contrasting with possible optional lacquered colours.
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N/A, Pasiano di Pordenone, Italy

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