IA Construction &Property Services

Architects from Voula, Greece
IA ANASTASIADIS OE in collaboration with top engineers, architects and selected crews with knowledge in transfer, development and application of new technologies guaranties excellent construction, functionality, respect to the environment and excellent aesthetic result.
Our company undertakes any type of construction, renovation and restoration as well as application of new technologies smart home and building management. Our operation is based on the following principles:

• Maximum strength and durability of construction.
• Minimal construction and delivery times.
• Supervision and management of the project until completion and during the first phase of operation.
• Absolute transparency with all transactions with the customers.
• Trust and appreciation of our customers due to high quality of construction and services.
• Satisfaction of our customers giving them good investment opportunities.
• Having new customers from recommendation of previous ones.

We build your house, holiday home or commercial building with responsibility.
You make a secure and rewarding investment
enjoying luxury, comfort and funvtionality.
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IA Construction &Property Services Voula
Voula, Greece