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Idrobase Group

IdroBase Group presents Enjoy your Life – Night and Day: an exclusive mixture of elegant pieces of furniture that springs from the union between the unique italian design and the most advanced cooling technologies enclosed in a collection designed for outdoor areas. IdroBase Group is a diversified enterprise: four companies specialized in different spheres of the pressure water market, covering different but complementary areas. The group was born nearly 30 years ago. In an industry where the evolution never stops, the strength of our group is represented by the continuous passion and innovation of the leading principles of the sector. Idrobase Group always moves to anticipate customers’ demands, thanks to our research and development. The product lines are constantly evolving, with an eye to the welfare of the users and of the environment in which we live. These are the fundations that gave rise to the Enjoy your Life – Night and Day: a unique design piece of furniture, cleverly combined with misting systems.
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