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inbox Studio

Designers from Pune, Maharashtra, India
inbox Studio is a smart studio, having specialty in 3D Architectural realistic images.
Team Inbox Studio is working to provide high-end quality for which we are known.
Detailing & finishing is the ultimate goal of team Inbox Studio
We serve the finest quality in 3D Architectural images & Walkthroughs.
Teamwork of Inbox Studio is known to increase the value & the impact of our best clients in the industrys.

3D Architectural Visualization Technologies are increasingly taking a Big role in Industry.
We have been working as a freelance 3D Architectural Visualizer and 3D Modeler. We started by learning an architectural modeling and photorealistic visualization.
Architecture industry has grown Technically evolving, with the help of Game Engine like Unreal Engine 4.
We Started Work in Unreal Engine.

We can provide you photorealistic visualizations of your projects such as interiors, exteriors,360 Renders, Cut-section and VR.
and Most important Interactive Walk through's in UE4.

We offer architectural visualization services.
We have complete expertise in Sketchup, 3Ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.

the software we Use :
Unreal Engine 4
3DS Max
Unity 3D

We also Working in BIM
( Modeling Facade, Structure, Landscape, Surroundings in Sketch_up)
Existing Condition, Demolition and Proposed.

Converting 2D drawings to 3D BIM Architectural model.

Preparation of 3D Models for the Complete Structure (Steel, Wood and Concrete) from the Architectural and Structural drawings.
Documentation for Tender & Construction.
3D Modeling and Visualization.

Our rich talent pool of highly skilled Structural, Civil Engineers and 3D Visualizers are continuously on the edge of technology. Our technical team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge on latest software like Sketchup and 3DS Max.

We have 5 Team members with skillfull and Techinically Talented Artists in
Modeling Facade
Modeling Structure
Modeling Landscape
and Modeling Surroundings in Sketchup using 2d pdf format Drawing.

We are successful in the implementation of BIM projects for Medical building, Residential, Large High rise building, Commercial projects, Hotel & convention centre, Schools& University buildings and etc.
We will keep all our works confidential and will do your work at a very reasonable rate.

We are also well equipped with high end hardware which enables us in cutting down render time drastically.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals and is very well versed with wide array of softwares required for architectural visualization. We have completed numerous projects in USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, UK, Germany and Hongkong. We deliver work in time and at reasonable rate and our quality is approved and praised by clients across the globe. Why waste your time in reading this information work with us and get first hand experience of our services.
Our studio is based in Pune India.
Hope to do business together.

Thank You

inbox Studio.
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inbox Studio
Pune, Maharashtra, India