Manufacturers from Rua da Mina 465, Covão - Zona industrial EN1 Norte, ÁGUEDA, Portugal
Indelague is a company located in Águeda, Portugal. For more than 30 years, Indelague has been developing innovative and custom lighting solutions that meet requirements in terms of economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver technological added value. Indelague has a national and international presence, thanks to its own sales organisations and partnerships around the world. Indelague acts in 20 countries and sets on international contacts/partnerships in order to maintain its worldwide network of partners in the lighting sector.

Our production program covers the development and fabrication of light fixtures designated to be applied in offices, educational facilities, retail shops, hotels, art and culture buildings, healthcare facilities, industry and explosive environments.

Indelague’s products portfolio includes interior and exterior light fixtures for commercial, industrial and architectural applications. The production plant has the flexibility for small and large quantities using innovative machinery that enable changes of production rates without downtime and quantitative limitations. The purchase department contributes to a dynamic supply of all the components needed from our European suppliers.

Indelague is able to offer customised solutions, from minimum adjustment in the existing light fixtures on our portfolio, through special design changes, to design of completely new products. The capability to manufacture desired and specified products by customers is one of the reasons why Indelague is a preferable supplier and a reliable partner.
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INDELAGUE Headquarters
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Rua da Mina 465, Covão - Zona industrial EN1 Norte, ÁGUEDA, Portugal

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