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Architects from Strahlenberger Weg 16, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
in_design offers architectural services, interior design and project management services.

Architecture & Interior Design
In general the services we offer can be found in the 'HOAI', a german law ruling service fees for architects and engineers. There you can find a very basic description of what an architect should do - and in which phase of planing / building it needs to be done (see §33 / Annex 11) . Besides - in germany architectural services have to be billed according to this law and it would be illegal to go below these fees.

Classically there are nine phases to a building project 'from the first sketch to completion', which are also desribed in the law metnioned above.

As we don't necessarirly think in self-referential 'scopes of services' of course we can gladly discuss the services you require for your project our experience in 'having to explain' the HOAI and knowing how 'indigestive' it is to anyone who hasn't built in germany has made us open for any discussion of the most suitable way of cooperating on an unique occasion.
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