Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti

Architects from Zagreb , Croatia

IVANIŠIN. KABASHI. ARHITEKTI is open architectural practice of two partners, three fellow architects and number of habitual collaborators of different professional profiles. research oriented practice is active in fields of architectural design and urban/ territorial planning. workshop methodology of the practice is capable to respond efficiently to different project scales and the dynamic variety of interests that define the global/ local, cultural/ technological landscape of today. projects of the practice are designed and / or constructed in different scales. IVANIŠIN. KABASHI. ARHITEKTI is opened to wide international debate.

KRUNOSLAV IVANIŠIN and LULZIM KABASHI started collaboration immediately after gaining their degrees from AF university of zagreb in 1996. they founded shared practice IVANIŠIN. KABASHI. ARHITEKTI in dubrovnik and zagreb in 2003.
Our Offices
Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti Zagreb
+385 (0)1 376 42 09
Zagreb , Croatia