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From its trading roots in the 1830s, James Jones & Sons Ltd has had a varied and diverse existence.

The company has evolved through five generations of the Jones family and has operated in a number of different sectors beyond sawmilling and timber engineering including ship building (Jones Buckie), a foundry business (Jones & Campbell), an engineering division, telegraph and transmission poles and nail manufacturing.

Whether supplying the keel and other timbers in 1901 to Captain Scott’s exploration vessel, Discovery, or commissioning state-of-the-art sawmills, James Jones & Sons Ltd has led the timber industry in innovation and research.

The saw lines of today bear little resemblance to the mills of the past, but the company continues to focus on quality and service and maintaining the widest possible product portfolio. Harvesting more than 1m tonnes of logs per annum, the group produces more than 500,000m3 from its five saw lines located strategically across Scotland.

Our sawmills boast single shift capacities ranging from 15,000m3 to 190,000m3 and feature state-of-the-art Scandinavian sawing systems, 3D laser technology, X-ray strength grading, treatment and other value adding processes – a far cry from the four-man sawing teams of yesteryear.

In 1998 we became the UK’s first manufacturer of I-Joists and our JJI-Joists now have a 40% market share of the new-build flooring market.

In 1999 and 2011 we made major acquisitions in the UK pallet market with the purchase of Unit Pallets and Larch Ltd and in 2016 we acquired TWP Packaging. We have now brought these businesses together to create James Jones Pallets & Packaging.

Since these acquisitions we have grown to become the UK's second largest pallet producer.
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