©Sergio Grazia / Luc Boegly


Architects from 2, rue Labois Rouillon, Paris, France
Jean Bocabeille Architecte is a multi-purpose architecture studio inspired by the quality of all forms and programs. Form always follows the rationale for the construction, its process, and this rationale is in turn inspired by ambiguity, subversion and surprise.

This modus operandi knows no series, only a responsiveness to each situation: the assiduous consideration of the site, the determination to make “more than just a building,” and the use of architecture as a way to shape the city and breathe the spirit of non-conformism into it.

The firm’s project’s are expressive, and tell a story : metal façades evoke the stone originally used to build Paris, aluminium siding subverts the notion of wood, a Parisian roundabout gets a 21st century makeover, a roof that touches the ground becomes a building, the way a Nordic village is able to blossom in the shadow of a social housing complex.

The firm sees projects as a transition between fiction and reality. Projects lives as open-eyed dreams that seek to enrich the place with a new narrative, to provide meaning to the program, to create more than just functionality. The project’s fictional aspect transforms reality, beckons visitors on a journey, and frees their imaginations.

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