Jean-Paul VIGUIER et Associés
Jean-Paul VIGUIER et Associés

Jean-Paul VIGUIER et Associés

Architects from Paris, France
Jean-Paul Viguier & Associés is an international architecture and city planning practice based in Paris. Pluralist and innovative, Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés designs and directs comprehensive and integrated projects in various fields such as planning program, landscape, interior design or street furniture for public as well as private purposes.

Fostering inter-generational relations, the practice employs 150 architects, interior architects, landscape architects, from 17 countries led by Jean-Paul Viguier and 12 partners. Many of their iconic works have gained international recognition, such as : the French pavilion at the Seville World Fair (1992), the France Télévisions headquarters (1998) and the Parc André-Citroën (2000) in Paris, the Coeur-Défense twin towers (2001), the Sofitel Magnificent Mile in Chicago (2002), the McNay Museum of Modern Art in San Antonio, TX (2008) – the first ever American modern art museum built by a French architect, the Maroc Telecom tower in Rabat (2012), the SFR campus in Saint-Denis (2013), the Majunga Tower in La Défense (2014), the Oncopole and the Institut universitaire du cancer in Toulouse (2014)…

These productions will soon be followed by the Europea quarter in Brussels – the remodeled site of the 1958 World Fair, the Vinci headquarters in Nanterre and the Orange heaquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, the Banque de France’s fiduciary hub in La Courneuve, an office tower in Casablanca, and the IoT Valley in Toulouse. In the field of wood construction the practice is known for Jo&Joe, the first wooden open house in France and Hyperion, the highest housing tower built in wood (57 meters) in Bordeaux.

Placing the architect in a constant contextual movement, many of Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés' works are part of a reflection on the connection between heritage and contemporary architecture, such as: the archeological museum of the Pont du Gard (2000), the Reims library (2002) facing the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral, the Natural History Museum in Toulouse (2008) and more recently in Paris the Canadian Embassy and Cultural center and the architectural remodeling of the flagship store of one of the most notorious French Couture Houses.
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