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JOGJA.MEBEL is a new company set up with people that already worked for many years together in the furniture industry in Yogyakarta. The word MEBEL is coming from the Dutch word ‘meubel’ which means ‘furniture’.

The core base of our furniture is WOOD and QUALITY. We always try to show the luxury of wood in a piece of furniture. This can be with full recycled natural TEAK wood, brushed out grains to enlarge the effect of the beautiful flames inside the Indonesian wood or a fully colored finishing on MINDI wood that still shows the flames of the wood underneath.

The QUALITY of our furniture should be safe to send it all over the world. This needs a lot thought about constructions, glue, drying of wood, floating systems, finishing materials, drying times, hardware, packing and much more.

Our specialty is CUSTOM MADE furniture. We will help you with ideas for interior and design with the result a new living room, kitchen, office, shop, bathroom, villa or any kind of space that needs new furniture or a makeover.

Finally COMMUNICATION is one of the keys in this business. We try to supply you correct information about modeling, drawings, pricing, pro-forma invoices, production times, the status of your orders , final invoices and the follow up with shipping agents, container information and more.

A simple and short introduction. We hope to meet you and let our furniture speak for itself.
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