Jorge Nájera design
Jorge Nájera design

Jorge Nájera design

Designers from via riviera, 39, Pavia , Italy
Jorge Nájera was born in Mexico City, after obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering moved to Milan where he obtained a Master Degree in design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design.
In 2004 he started Jorge Nájera Design.
At the moment he collaborates with various italian companies such as ILS Collection, ITF, Slide Design, Zerodisegno.
He is interested in new technologies; in transposing materials, techniques and technologies in new sectors, different from the ones they are used in. He is keen in technological fiction.
He describes his design approach as follows: "...I love dynamism understood as the ability of being multifunctional; I pursue magical and surprising performances, ... for me to design means to provoke amazement with unique forms and functions.”
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