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Jose Luis Muñoz Arquitectura

Jose Luis Muñoz Arquitectura

Architects from Cuesta de San Gregorio 13, puerta 6, Granada, Spain
Jose Luis Muñoz runs since 2004 his own architecture studio in the south of Spain (Granada and Málaga) where he develops, with equal intensity and enthusiasm, a wide range of edification types and scales, interior design and urbanism. His construction projects spread over multiple locations of Eastern Andalusia.

Jose Luis Muñoz’s architecture emerges from the commitment towards the social reality of the moment, the history and the nature of each location. It aims at enhancing new values and proposing the user ways to understand, improve and enjoy his relationship with the physical environment and the historical contexts he lives in. The architect sees his work as a dynamic and open process, which integrates multiple experiences and aspects, both internal and external to architectural discipline.

Some of his works, besides being broadly published, have obtained international awards. Among these, stands out the Biodiversity Center (Loja, Granada), finalist at the international Emerging Architecture Awards of Architectural Review in 2011 (London) and Popular Choice Award in Architizer 2014 (New York).The House of Winds(Cádiz) was also awarded at the XIII Spanish Architecture Biennale 2016 and at the Archmaraton Awards 2018 Private Housing Category (Milan).

Jose Luis Muñoz is currently a founder of “Re-Activa Architecture”. With this company he is developing projects mainly for rehabilitation and housing from a office based in Málaga.
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